Our bulk bag unloading systems accommodate all from bulk bags to totes and large to small bag adjustability.
Our bulk bag unloaders provide a dependable method of unloading bagged bulk and semi-bulk materials. The system can easily be operated or serviced by one person and is a cost-effective solution to bulk bag handling operations.

Bulk Bag Unloader/Hoist Series 5000

Dynequip series 5000 bulk bag unloaders are used to unload super sack bags of material (granular or powders)
for a variety of system applications.
These machines have some great features! They include but are not limited to:
  • Heavy duty all welded tube construction
  • Bag agitation
  • Spreader bars for bulk bag support
  • Hand operated air control panel
  • Hoist w/ pendant drop
  • Iris valve
  • Confinement box with door
  • Powder coated frame (foot print 60″ square)
  • Frames heights are engineered to suit customer specified bag sizes
  • 5 CUFT hopper
We have optional features too!
  • Air inflatable bag spout connection (traveling and fixed)
  • One or two ton hoist frame designs
  • Open member design
  • 304SS/316SS construction/food grade
  • Certified bag spreader arms with load tested certificate
  • Portable stairs
  • Level controls
  • Hopper aeration
  • Bag dump discharge
  • Load cells
  • Dust collection
Inflatable Spout
  • Fixed
  • Traveling



Iris Valve with Confinement Box
  • Door access