Bulk Bag Filling

Our heavy-duty bulk bag filling stations will fit your requirements for safety and reliability.

Made for safety and reliability, it’s time to learn more about our bulk bag filling stations.

Our bulk bag filling stations are designed to fill bulk bags, totes, and open-top bags to capacity. As an additional feature, we offer a bulk bag pre-fill inflator and vent port to dust collection, which helps to open the bag up before filling. We seal bags by using our inflatable spout connection or our manual slip ring design.

Bulk bag filling stations can have an automated scale or open bottom to place your bag and pallet on the ground; additionally, we can add a roller conveyor or a vibration platform to settle material into the bulk bag. Made of heavy structural steel frames and either stainless steel or powder-coated mild steel, Dynequip bulk bag filling stations have adjustable easy-release bag strap hooks.

If you need mobility, we can also add fork lift pockets or casters. All our bulk bag filling stations are custom engineered to meet your needs: short to tall bag adjustability, sanitary and industrial designs, and easily released bag straps.

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