Bucket Elevators

Do you need to move materials at steep angles without losing capacity?

Supply complete material handling and processing solutions to our customers.

Engineered to provide optimal efficiency for applications requiring vertical material conveying. Noise, turbulence and materials damage are reduced to lowest possible levels through specialized design and construction. Heavy-duty construction ensures a long life, and competitive pricing offers cost efficiency. Material handling is smooth, with even fill, minimal material build-up and easy maintenance. The Rapat Series-L Bucket Elevator is an industrial duty bucket elevator built to handle the toughest industrial applications. Each Series-L is provided with heavy duty boot, trunking, and head discharge sections to fit the needs of your specific application. Common options include: structural support towers with spiral staircases, service platforms, distributor Platform, ladder with safety cages, Chutes/transitions, jib cranes, and engineered class pulleys to meet your demands.

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