Screening Equipment

Screening is used to achieve the correct product size.

Vibratory screening equipment: circular and linear

Screening is commonly referred to as safety screeners or control sieves. These units are used to ensure the correct product quality of powders or liquids is achieved by removing oversized contamination. Designed to provide high capacities, these vibratory sieves ensure productivity of your production process is maintained while also keeping your maintenance costs to a minimum.

We offer two styles of vibratory screening equipment:

Linear vibratory screeners utilize a vibratory feeder or vibratory conveyor equipped with a screen. These screeners are designed for liquid/solid separation and wet or dry classification. These units are easy to operate and allow trouble-free and quick tuning to specific feed rates and product/separation requirements. Benefits are many, including a long screen life and no damping under loads.

Circular vibratory screeners, also called separators and sieves, separate bulk solid materials from solids using vibration that causes particles to pass through openings in the screen or to travel across the screen as an outlet. Typical applications include sifting, scalping, classifying, de-dusting, and de-lumping of dry bulk solids—most common applications use screens ranging in diameter from 18″ to 60″. Multiple decks or levels can be offered in one to five pre-determined sizes ranging from fine dust to large foreign materials.

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