Dust Collection

Dust collectors can utilize a variety of filter medias and designs.

Dust collectors to fit your needs.

A dust collector, sometimes referred to as a bag-house or bin-vent, is a system used to enhance the quality of air released from industrial and commercial processes by collecting dust and other impurities from an air or gas stream. Units can be designed to handle a couple hundred to tens of thousands of CFM.

Dust collectors can utilize a variety of filter medias and designs, but most common use long, narrow-sewn fabric filter socks or rigid, pleated filter element cartridges. Industrial dust collectors are often made from carbon steel where a food facility might want polished stainless steel. Material collected inside a dust collector is sometimes thrown away but, in many cases, is a valuable product that can be used or re-processed.

A full dust collection system would include a fan or blower to move dusty air, duct work to direct the air, the dust collector itself, and equipment to discharge and handle the collected dust. Most dust collectors are self-cleaning. Self-cleaning systems include reverse-pulsed air (briefly running air backward through the filter to remove dust) and “shakers” that physically shake the dust off.

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